This attractor is used for salmon, steelhead and walleye. Its purpose is to get the attention of fish and get them to bite the baitor lure that is being trolled behind it. Blazzing Blades body is made of lite weight resin and consists of five arms each with stainless steel wire .041″ diameter and 5-1/2″ long. Roller swivels and duo snaps make up the end of each arm. Four of the arms support willow leaf spinner blades in various colors. The fifth arm with roller ball bearing is tied to a leader with your choice of lure. Blazzing Blades all share the same body style. Colors of body and willow leaf spinner blades in various color combinations is what depicts each model style. No hooks are attached to Blazzing Blades. Currently seven models are available made with various colors.

To assemble attractors I buy the core bodies in five different colors from a fishing lure supply company and buy the willow leaf various color spinner blades, duo snaps and ball-bearing swivels from other suppliers. I then assemble each attractor to my design choice. Blazzing Blades are lite weight and highly visible. the split ring around the five arms serve two purposes, it rattles when being trolled each arm vibrates causing split ring to th tink around or rattle. For storing attractor the split ring slides away from body and holds all five arms together for storage.